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Beloya Coffee Roaster is a wholesaler for specialty and premium arabica &  fine robusta green beans. We roast green beans out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and supplies coffee products for Malaysia and its neighbouring countries. Beloya Coffee Roasters supplies and roasts specialty coffee beans, provide barista training for retail and home user and also supply barista essential equipment to Coffee Lovers, Cafe's and Baristas in Malaysia.

Our Coffee products are roasted only upon orders for a fresh coffee taste experience. Custom roasting profiling is available for white labels, bulk, and wholesale purchases. Value-added Product and Services: Coffee Roaster Machines & Equipment for Shop or Industry used. Baristas Equipment, Coffee Grinders. Beloya works hand-in-hand with coffee farmers selecting only quality cherries for all specialty and premium grade green beans supplies.

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Basic Barista Hands-on Skill Training

  1. Proper method to pull coffee on your espresso purchased machine

  2. The proper method of Frothing Milk

  3. General Cleaning and Daily Maintenance

  4. De-Scale

  5. Overview of various coffee brewing method technics generally available